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Inspimind was founded on October 2014 when two Montclair State Alumni, Wilfredo Betance Jr and Augusto Suarez III, implemented a motivational workshop to an ESL high school class at Dwight Morrow High School. Starting Inspimind during their last year in college, they continued doing workshops and assemblies at other schools, and reached out to members of the Latin American Student Organization (Montclair State University) to help with this motivational initiative.










Today, 50% of Inspimind’s programs are geared towards the Hispanic ESL student population in both middle and high schools while the other 50% of the programs are towards the traditional student population. As Inspimind continues to expand its team of college student leaders, Inspimind is becoming the 1st hub for student leaders to network with each other in the State of New Jersey. The goal is to bring together young leaders to empower middle and high school students, and to bring innovative ideologies and practices into the educational, marketing, and health professions.   

Inspi-Program Intern

The Overall Experience >

Inspimind is a great place to network with other college students from other schools and to really make a difference for our youth.

Inspi-Program Facilitator

Setting an example  >

All of our volunteers come from different walks of life, which helps students engage and relate in many different ways. They never feel alone. This is a true mentorship - leadership program!

Inspi-Program Volunteer

The Future of

Education & Networking

Since the start, this has always been a motivating group. Inspiring younger students and working alongside your peers to achieve your own goals. It is a POWERFUL statement for our generation and those to come.



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