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Job/Career Readiness Program

Job/Career Readiness Program

The “Job/Career Readiness” program is an academic and recourse-based learning program facilitated by  College Student Leaders, and they deliver their self-empowering personal stories to relate to the topics covered in the program. This program can be ran in Spanish and/or in English. The Facilitators will provide practical knowledge and skills, from their experiences, to diversify the students’ skills tool-set when it comes to pursuing a productive life (Attending college and/or a trade school, applying for a job, seeking a promotion at their current job sites, or even starting their own business) after graduating high school. The purpose for this program is to help these students gain the knowledge, resources, and confidence needed in order to succeed after high school. Ultimately, the goal is to inspire leadership within these students for them to make a positive impact in their personal and professional lives..

  • College student leaders' personal stories reflection on their career path

  • Students to create their own Resume and Cover Letters

  • College Tour to different educational institutions

  • Mock Interviews:  Simulating an interview for any of the following that best meets the student’s interest: College, Jobs, and Internships

Statement of Need & Social Theory of Change

Student Testimonial at Lakewood High School Newark, NJ

We are targeting the "At-Risk" high school student population. Our plan is to help these students to excel by getting them into college or involved in developing a trade-skill. In the long run, we will highlight the success stories of college student leaders to motivate other  high school students to strive for that same level of success. Overall these stories are to serve as an inspiration for the following generation of high school students.

In New Jersey, Hispanics and African Americans are the ethnic populations that are represented in low- income environments, and unfortunately, there aren’t many positive role models for the youth in these environments to look up to. By exposing young and successful role models to the Hispanic youth, they’ll be able to view positive alternatives to their lives which could potentially lead to these individuals being less likely to be incriminated and reducing tax dollars going to the prison system.

Program Timetable and Hours of Operation

Personal Goals Becton.JPG
Becton Group Pic.JPG

This is a 10-12 week program running once a week, and each session will be a 70-80-minute session or two class periods during school days. We’ll need to coordinate with the school’s scheduling system to have the exact dates and times for the program itself.


Resume Building

Social Intelligence 

Interview Skils

Cover Letters


 Pre-assessment surveys during the beginning of the program will be conducted. The assessment will consist of questions from the following topics:

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